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Basement Renovation

Give yourself and your family a refreshing, contemporary and trending basement by completely renovating it!

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Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen has a connection with every member!! We modify the kitchens to make sure that the relationship becomes refreshing, remarkable and resilient!

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Bathroom Renovation

Beautiful spaces attract beautiful vibes!

Entire Home Renovation

A home renovation that impresses every relation! Trust our team of designers to bring out smart, innovative, and most charming solutions for you!

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We made contact with One Build Group last year and Sal and his team have been working on our Toronto six plex since. The quality of work is first rate. We do not live in Toronto ourselves but were able to leave the whole project in their hands and have been nothing but pleased with the results. We look forward working with Sal and his team in the future.

testimonial1Brian & Jennifer12 February 2022

One build group helped me a lot in modifying my entire home. Thank you so much for your quality & cost effective service.

testimonial1John21 october 2021

Great service, best price. The team was really helpful to solve my requirement.

testimonial1Emma5 december 2021
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